So, I’m writing a review on my one month old Cintiq 13HD per request, but I first want to post this for many who think that a tool is what makes the artist.

Late 2010, I started my career as a manga artist. Sometime in 2011, I decided to buy a smaller tablet to carry and work around the house/outside more conveniently than my Intuos3 12x9 which I bought in 2006.

I bought a Wacom Bamboo (Pen Only) for that purpose but it slowly become the only tablet I used coz it was easier to carry, travel with and was a space saver on my desk.

810 manga pages, +60 colored illustrations, 3 books and I’m not gonna bother counting the doodles and sketches coz this blog can give you a small idea how often I doodle.

All that was drawn using my Wacom Bamboo that I bought for 80JD (almost $110 but was $99 in the US at the time. I saw some online places selling it for $69 recently)

I’ve always been proud answering “what tablet do you use?” throughout the time I used my Bamboo when asked, because sadly, many amateur artists expect me to say the name of the latest tech, like when they see I’m on a mac, they assume it’s what makes drawing easy, and it’s sad as well as irritating sometimes to limit all the hard work an artist put, on something as simple as a type of marker, a brand of tablet or even the place they live in.

Of course, new tech comes with benefits, perhaps would make you produce faster, maybe offers better resolutions, etc. and I will share my love for the Cintiq I’m using right now in my upcoming review, but I need to state that it’s doesn’t by any mean, make this art thing easier or prettier.

Passion and dedication does.

Thank you!

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Posted on Tuesday, 17 September
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