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Not kidding but one from chapter 15? would be a fan-tastic teaser, and about that I always wondered if you drawn this chapter yet or no?

This one here is one of the wittiest readers!

To answer your question, I didn’t draw or even write the chapter. I have a general idea what it’s about.

Anonymous asked:
Hello dee :)I've been looking up to you for many years now so I thought it would be a good ideia to ask you about a problem I have(please feel free to ignore this I know you are super busy, totaly understand!) lately I'm afraid to post my work because of all the social problems about like not having characters of color and non heterosexual and such, I just wanna writte my characters my way but at the same time it's scary!! What do you do to deal with this things? (if that even happens to you)

I already answered a similar question if it wasn’t you who asked in the first place and missed the answer.

(will delete this post in 24 hrs)

Lol I have now more asks and messages about Black’s confession than I ever got about any topic.

Anonymous asked:
Is Black asexual and/or aromantic? You probably know the answer, what about Black himself? Have he ever declared his love to anyone? Be it true love or just him mistaking his feelings?

Black probably still doesn’t know where babies come from. Haha but really, he’s like a kid who will be disgusted beyond help if he came across the acts of love.

He sure might have mistook his feelings for love at some point, most probably when he was a teen. He is too emotional and can be romantic without being conscious of it, and he throws “I love you”s at people he loves without a second thought.

I have the right to not answer any question regarding the following ( XD ) but, yeah, he did “declare his love” out of misunderstanding once. I wrote it 2 years ago and it was the most ridiculous hilarious confession you’ll ever likely to see.

Now, do I remember where (if) I saved that thing? :P

lot of writing to finish these days, So I had to steal time to do some sketching/studying

If I want to do fake animecaps from scenes of the manga. Which panels/scenes would you like?

Ananymous asked:

Is black teaching white how to draw in the “cherished silence” bookmark •u•?

oh yes he is. All bossy like “No, look at me. Like this”

black and white from grey is…


imagedee is such a big inspiration to me and i wish she could keep on doing what she’s doing and best of luck for her ^_^   this is a lil fanmade drawing i did and sorry for the sucky drawing and the resolution and all ;p

Awww thank you so much for the encouraging and kind words ;~; I love how cute Black looks with your lines ;u;

Keep it up!


its been a while since I last drew anything. . and ive been seriously considering quitting drawing. but last night I had the ugre to draw and this came out … I know it looks ugly and weird. .. maybe I really should quit. #greyis #greyismanga #deejusan #sketch #sketching #drawing #doodle #black #white

I love this so much psych0! They look super adorable in your style ;A; I love how White’s hair look and your pencil work is amazing!

I bet a lot of people viewing this will think you’re crazy for wanting to quit! This one is really amazing <3


Grey Is…

A photoshoot we did yesterday and yes we are aware that they are not a couple (Thank you inspectorclarke for the reminder) we just got caught up in the moment ^^;

White: phantomhoodie
Black: Myself

Taken by: Andy (or Andrew; our self timing DSLR Camera)

Another cosplay under trees! I mean trees are almost a main character in this story XD

I love this! Especially the first shot. The point of view and the stairs. I gotta say, though, that the 2nd one, the one with the hands, is attention grabbing because; HANDS *A*

Thank you so much nekocron and phantom <3



It’s been a long time. I’ve been gone, but Grey Is… is not forgotten. Not one of my best, but you can say I’m polishing up.

Trigger warning for vague mentions of self-abuse.

It felt as though I was floating through a river of a thousand broken memories. Each past sigh and scream clung to me like desperate, reaching hands. I couldn’t resist. I laid in a numb state. My eyes were closed, but I could see everything.

For some reason, I didn’t feel regret.

But I felt sadness. It reached deep inside my chest — further than the memories could — and gripped me tight. My hearts, my lungs—they were all prey to that sad feeling. I knew that it was too late. There wasn’t much I could say on my part. I had done awful things to myself, and I knew that, once I dried off after being in this nostalgic tide, I would do it again. I didn’t know why. I was compelled by a voice, by my feelings, by reason to keep doing this.

I wanted something to stop me. I always wanted White to stop me, but I knew that it was something I had to do myself. I needed to reach like those thousand clinging hands and go deep down inside myself to seize the problem. I had to wrestle that feeling of pain and sadness away from my organs and hold them myself.

A healing touch… One I didn’t have, but I had to learn it.

Or I would strangle myself trying to be my own saviour. And I would drown down, down in this pitiful sea.

Another great fic from Black’s POV by ChoNeun on Fanfiction.net.
They’ve already written so many gems and this is yet another of them.

You spoil me ;A; !


I thought nobody would request a drawing for the color palette meme thing, so I choose something myself.

I was going to draw chibi Isis with Black, but I had this cute idea….

These are Waseem (left) and Black (right) from greyismanga , if they were the same cute age <3 I know it is kinda hard to identify the characters, since there was no white on that palette… But look! Dimples!

I was thinking their relation would be like Ameer x Black, and I kinda wanted to cry.


Eu achei que ninguém faria request pro desenho de paleta de cores, aí eu escolhi algo.

Eu ia desenhar chibi Isis com o Black, mas aí eu tive essa ideia fofa…

Esses são Waseem (esquerda) e Black (direita) de greyismanga , se eles tivessem a mesma idade fofa <3 Eu sei que tá difícil identificar os personagens, já que não tinha branco na paleta… Mas! Covinhas!

Eu imaginei que a relação deles seria algo Ameer x Black e fiquei triste.

Awwww dear! Thank you so much for this ;A; this is so precious!

I’m always so happy with your love for Waseem! Having readers showing love for minor characters make a writer take more care of these characters. 

I truly appreciate this! And I love the coloring in it! They look adorable in your style <3 


stares at it for 20 years (✪ヮ✪)

Thank you so much for the support dear! I’m happy to know you received it safely :) 

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