الحين استوحيتها من الرسمة الاخيرة ل greyismanga

This girl is awesome! I so love them in  your style, gon <3

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…i can’t draw them happy!!!xDthey r auto sorrow
Grey is manga,black


Come on~ they can be happy XDD

man you’re spoiling me! and the concept of this drawing is amazing and it’s just plain gorgeous!

Thank you so so much! This is an honor to me *A*

omg dear! This is my favorite *A*

The colors are amazing and they look SO cool in your style ;A;

Black and White in colors!

Great fanart by aan artist I admire so much, gon505


قدني في فوليوم ٢ وناطه على ٣ 🙌

بتقري بسرعة ما شاءالله!

ان شا الله تكوني متسلية والقصة عجبتك :)

شكرا كتييير على الرسومات الرائعة!بلاك طالع رهيب ووسيم بستايلك 


My ear is ringing…

Get inside Black’s head in pages 8+9 of chapter 25 (extreme spoilers for those not reading the recent pages)

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Grey is… silly alternate title,

bros and feels under trees shade and/or on swings

Anonymous asked:
No complete collection package for the books like that 1st arc pack on inkblazers? Also where are the log books are they only available on Inkblazers? Plus Happy Birthday



I can’t really do anymore packages from here on coz there won’t be a change on the price because the weight for the 3 books is high and the whole idea of making a collection is the special price or an extra addtional item.

the logbooks are only available at inkblazers, that’s right. I only have around 10 left of logbook1 and I might add logbook 2 in the future to sell out all that’s left.

I don’t plan to reprint these. I have other ideas for books featuring sketches and in depth info.

Also, while working on special chapter 10, I realised the number of extra chapters I have so far. Maybe these small birthday chapters need a book of their own.

I totally agree and hopefully one day we can have an artbook dee?

It sure is on my mind. I have to be sure 100% of my colored pieces and my coloring style before I have it in print

“You keep asking me for the truth, but…”

Chapter 25 updated with 4 pages~

Check it out at:

Inkblazers || Tapastic 

Anonymous asked:
What about the pocket mirror and magnets will they be restocked?

Ahh they’re available. I just forgot to restock on the inkblazers website after my break. Sorry ^^;

Anonymous asked:
What is the link to your patreon account?

It’s not published yet ^^;

I’m honestly still contemplating the idea

who’s looking forward to tonight’s 4 page update?

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