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I had a bad day yesterday so pointless lame teens doodle to cheer myself up.

Teen!White is the cute White

3x-rien asked:
Does White live on coffee, black coffee, ONLY coffee ? Because I did watch carefully...

Haha! Your kind of readers with that awesome keen attention are a threat! I have a love hate relationship with such readers.

No really,kidding!

I’m just always afraid of them seeing my mistakes and how sometimes, tones are outside outline among other hasty mistakes ^^;;;;

White isn’t fond of food so I usually draw him drinking something. Lucky for you I recently drew him eating.

One of the reasons I married another software next to Photoshop. Clip Studio Paint seduced me with it’s perspective ruler.

I’m more than halfway through Ch27 and I used CSP for 95% of the work. It still lacks when it comes to text design and there are some brushes and patterns that I adore in Photoshop, next to the fact that I simply love Photoshop, but I’m falling for CSP hard!

You have to know your basics on perspective of course; placing vanishing point(s), horizontal line and stuff.

It’s fairly cheap too. You can get the pro version for $50 and there are little differences between the PRO and EX versions

New Special Chapter: Versus Grey

Three pages update!

Check it out at:

Inkblazers || Tapastic

there will be no updates on the official website

Tomorrow, I’ll start posting pages from another special chapter; Versus Grey.

Last year, I ran a campaign to raise funds for Vol3 print. The highest reward was (among books and merch) the chance to write a chapter, AU or whatever the contributor likes, with Black and White simply as actors in a story that I’ll illustrate in 10-15 pages.

bahamutia (on deviantart || Instagram || Twitter)was kind enough to support the campaign greatly, and I was so lucky to illustrate her story idea. It’s just a good one!

Ended up with 25 pages because that’s what the story needed. 

It’s set in the same universe as the story. No changes there for any reader. It’s a story with yet another color-named character. 

A person named “Grey” is playing against Black.

First 3 pages are to be up in hopefully 6 hours.

#LINEstickers added statics based on region and sticker for creators. It was interesting to see what people use most in their conversations.
These are the top 4!

Seems that people like to “hmm”, “…”, “haha” or runaway 😂

Most sales were in Indonesia, Taiwan and Malaysia

Get Grey is… Line Stickers from the line store now~
More stickers to come in the future 


nekocronadragonnerd cut my wig with me today~ Blackia is 90% complete for Anime USA!

I forgot to take off my other bracelets on my left hand whoops

OH GOD CORDÉ! This is just so cute! I just love this look and you’re making me like Blackia now XD nekocronadragonnerd did a great job with that hair!

man this makes me happy! Happier than I expected myself to be haha I wanna see moooore! You make a great fem!Black


Blackia is from that one time I got out of my comfort zone and drew female Black and White

oh my god! this is so adorable and sweet ;A; I loved the sketch so much and now the colors makes it so warm and heartfelt! I love the way you draw hair sora ;A; Lana’s hair is painted beautifully *A*

thank you so much dear ;~; I totally love this!

Intense staring runs in the family too.

CRAZY is...(DOUJINSHI) Chapter 1: crazY is...(DOUJINSHI) - Page Comic Cover on Inkblazers.com


it’s completed for you to read …enjoy ;D


This is so cute and funny and I just love the dialogue! I’m so happy and feel lucky to see this!

Thank you so much again gon!


Me and kid black uvu
Because @deejuusan and @k_nai are nice enough to let me have kid and adult black ” YES’3A9BAN3ANAKOM ”

#yomikuart #yomikusketch #greyis… #black #كلنا_رسامين

There is a fight… between yomiku and jeyviir over kid!Black that’s been going on for an hour? 

love your girls <3

Yomiku, this is the cutest serious Black. EVER!

Four pages update in Special Chapter: Drawing a Smile Out!
Check it out at:

Inkblazers || Tapastic

there will be no updates on the official website

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